De reacties en ervaringen van klanten uit het heden en verleden over de services van Equine-Motion en Virginia.

Juni/Juli 2018

Saskia L C

Bedankt voor de aandacht en de goede zorg!

Berlita neemt haar vakantie wel heel erg serieus! Ze is inmiddels ook al omgedoopt tot VIP ( very important paard ) 🦄 Dank voor de goede zorgen voor mijn kleine prinsesje Virginia!

Mei 2017


Jawel ik kan Equine-Motion aanraden voor hulp bij je paard. Mijn paard had wat traumatische ervaringen en dit uitte zich in rijtechnische problemen. Met haar hulp en ook in samenwerking met de osteopaat, ging het na de 2e les aanzienlijk beter. Niet ieder paard is bij haar hetzelfde, ze kijkt naar t complete plaatje. top!

Sept. 2014

Sherry Z. - Lethbridge AB. Canada

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

for sharing your knowledge

for showing me how to connect with my horse

for teaching me the RIGHT way

for giving me confidence

for you kindness

for your generosity

   and  especially for your friendship.

you are a truly remarkable woman.

   safe travels.





Lisa N. - Lethbridge AB. Canada

Hi, I have heard that you are moving back to Holland. I wanted to tell you that I will miss you, I think you are a wonderful horse woman, and I'm sad you two are leaving. Through this , I know you have made your choice for a better circumstance . I wish you well for all your future plans . Know that you made a difference in my life for the time that you were here.

July 2014

Sonia, Klazienaveen - Nederland

Scarlett, mijn lieve merrie, en ikzelf, we missen je....   :-(

July 2014

E.J. - Lethbridge AB.

I rode my horse for the first time since coming home yesterday and she was wonderful. You can really tell that she's had an expert on her. I am so glad that you really enjoy riding her. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

April 2014

Leslie - Nobleford AB.

Virginia is the only instructor who saw the potential in my horse while others only blamed my horse for all the problems we coped with. Now i can ride her independently and she is so responsive to my aids.

Virginia is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and very encouraging. When i ride and i am too tense she will say: ‘just sing a song’......  she gave me the best riding skills and my confidence back. I genuine recommend her as an instructor!

March 2007

K.C. - Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for taking care of my horses, Virginia. You only lunged and did some straightness training with them. After my holiday of 3 weeks i noticed that both horses were more limber in their bodies and better balanced. Next year i won't hesitate to ask you again!  THX  :-)

May 2013

Walda - Klazienaveen, The Netherlands

Lieve Virginia,

Wat was ik blij,

met jou aan mijn zij,

Door jou heb ik weer leren vertrouwen,

dat ik weer iets op kon bouwen.

Bedankt voor je liefde en geduld, echt waar!

Ik zal je missen, al klinkt dat raar.


Heel veel liefs, en een hoefje van Walda.


Sept. 2006

Susan S. Alberta, Canada

Just thank you for teaching me and my horse straightness training, we are improving our performance every day!


It took a while for me and my horse to figure it out, Benno my big thoroughbred, was pushing me around while we trained work-in-hand. Now i can do this training independent he isn’t pushing anymore, but carries his own weight on 4 legs.


He really develops the right muscles, i am proud to see him doing so great. Thumbs up!

May 2005

Sandra Bleker, Leiden - The Netherlands

Me and my sister we have a 12 year old Arabian horse, we both started taking riding lessons with Virginia several years ago after a very difficult period of problems with our horse.


Virginia distinguishes herself in her ability to adapt to the horse. Virginia doesn’t follow the horse training books from a fixed A to Z, but she can go from A, B, C,  F then back to D ....


She adapts to the horse just what the horse can or can’t handle at that moment.

What i want to say is if the horse is not able to do something, she looks for other ‘door openings’. Also when an exercise fails continuously, Virginia will go on the horse, hereafter she always is having the perfect solution.


Other instructors were not able to help my Arabian horse, but by her lessons we gained a lot of progress.

Jan. 2006

Fam. Egens - Nederland

We kochten een mooie KWPN merrie met uitstekende papiere bij Virginia. Zij maakte dit paard zadelmak en reed haar 2 jaar door in training tot 4 jarige leeftijd. Voordat we haar kochten hebben we de merrie laten uittesten door een bekende klassieke dressuur ruiter.  Hij teste haar uit door allerlei oefeningen te vragen. De merrie slaagde voor al wat gevraagd werd, hij maakte een compliment over hoe fijn dit paard getraind en beleerd was. Heel licht op de teugels en een uitstekend ruggebruik, wat tegenwoordig nauwelijks meer te vinden is zei hij. Na de dierenarts keuring kochten wij de merrie en zijn nog steeds erg blij met haar. Nu loopt ze Z in dressuur. Een bedankje aan Virginia!

Okt. 2009

L.H., Emmen - The Netherlands

After my horse was recovered from a long lasting lameness injury, the vet recommended that I slowly start up the training. I had a hard time to figure this out, how to start.... Thanks to Virginia we got some guidance and started up the Straightness Training ground work before i got back on my horse and started riding her again. The combination of Sports Massage treatments, riding instruction and the straightness ground works worked out very well. My horse never had a decline in her health again. Two words....just great!

May 2013

Lya van Wely – the Netherlands

Her specialty is her natural good horsemanship and especially her skill to leave horses in their own value.


It’s a real pleasure to see, how she is working with a horse mainly from relaxation. We still miss her now she has moved abroad, but we have learned a lot from her and wish her success.

April 2013

Astrid & Paul Hoeberichts, Klazienaveen – the Netherlands

In two separate cases we have consulted Miss Virginia Hogguer concerning horse problems.

The first time was in 2010 with our horse ‘Castano III Grande’.

Miss Virginia learned Castano to relax more during riding.


The second time in 2011 she was hired by us to help another horse, called Passionata, to overcome his fear for about everything. (This horse was abused as a foal.)


Characteristic about Miss Virginia’s way of work is her kindness, patience ...and the capability to understand the way a horse thinks.

We were (in both cases) indeed very pleased with Miss Virginia’s help!


Kind regards,

Astrid & Paul Hoeberichts

May 2013

Marita Boer, Klazienaveen - the Netherlands

My horse ‘Walda’ (Dutch Warm blood, 10 years old) and i have learned at lot from Virginia.

The problems we had were: resistance, not wanting to jump into left canter, cross-cantering, irregular rhythm, rein lameness, back problems, physical imbalance problems and mental imbalance. We are back on the right track by consistent training of Virginia


Virginia was always fair to the horse, never gets angry and has lots of patience, whereby Walda got more confidence.

The training consists of many transitions, Shoulder-in, Shoulder-out, Travers, and square circles just to straighten Walda. In the beginning a soft connection, forward and down.


When Virginia rode Walda the irregular gait in walk was invisible, but when i ride her sometimes it’s still there. Nevertheless i got tips & tricks from Virginia, how to solve this problem. Practice makes perfect.

Walda and i are really happy that she crossed our path of life.

We want to recommend Virginia to everyone!

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